Thursday, April 29, 2010

strawberry fields forever...

i can't remember how long its been since the last time i went to baguio, just as a tourist. i'm always just passing through, on the way to pulag or sagada or somewhere else. so i really enjoyed my 4-day relaxing stay over the weekend.

while my friends joined a race there, i was content just to walk around the city, check out ukay-ukay (which was disappointing!), the palengke, get some binatog at burnham park, eat at cafe by the ruins and forest house, have some ice cream, and go strawberry picking! i don't think i've ever done that before so i was quite excited to see the fields :) and you know how much i love strawberries :)

we should have a salsa baguio trip soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

green greetings + woolly wonkas + renting rants

sending you a paperless greeting from messy bessy :)

+ lemme share with you my recent find: woollypockets.

american-born breathable modular planters that are made from 100% recycled materials...

so fun that you can build gardens on floors, or even walls!

i actually even emailed them to ask if we can replicate the program here...

but they said that they only go as far as exporting... so much for small carbon footprints, eh?

read more about woolly here.

i guess apartment living makes me miss the greenery...

so, shall we just make our own? ;)

+ lemme share with you our latest green habit: renting movies via itunes.

think about it:

zero waste,

zero piracy,

in the comfort of your own home.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

family pride

well, here's what you missed...

before he wore your adorable duckie hat, he wore this...

the same thing his mum and 2 uncles wore... j'adorable!

and speaking of familial pride,

here's something...

twinpopbro's first ever full-length film is recognized internationally!

he's off to doha for al jazeera's documentary film festival, where the film is nominated for the al jazeera golden award...

then to nyc where for the new york festivals


Monday, April 19, 2010

tour of the fireflies 2010

whew! what a hectic weekend. woke up early sunday morning again to join this year's tour of the fireflies! its nice to see bikes rule the streets, at least once a year :) (first 3 photos by denshow)

they said there were about 8,000 riders this year! of course, the tour wouldn't be complete without its unique bikes and bikers....

artist eng chan and wife russ, with his self-built bamboo bikes...

artist toym imao and his hippie bike, complete with vintage radios

of course, there had to be someone in an avatar costume..

and then there's my friend on his pink bike and blonde wig... wala lang... hahaha

and sometime in between saturday's dog run and sunday's tour of the fireflies, i knitted this ducky hat for our little aito :) tee hee :)

i think i'll definitely be knitting more often this year :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

tailrunners dog run 2010

after our relatively late night last night, i got up at 3:45 with just less than 2 hours of sleep to get luc to the dogrun at MOA on time today :) he was sooo excited that we were leaving the house, not knowing where we were really going... got even more excited when we picked up twinpopbro, and was just overwhelmed with the 300 doggies at the run!

here's luc all ready with his yellow bib and race number 063!

while waiting, he sniffed out other dogs passing by... here's another male lhasa with dyed ears and tail (hihi)...

there were lots of other cuties around like this giant maltese/lhasa or something.... the owner has no idea what it is!

english bulldog


obese lemon beagle

some looked like serious runners!

like this dog too - which was the dog that suddenly took luc by the neck and lifted him! i thought he was gonna bite his head off! :( sniff!!! :( luc is fine though and didn't seem shaken about it. (this dog won one of the race caterogies by the way. ugh!)

on the otherside, some just kinda sat around looking cute - this shih-tzu looked so tired, but it didn't even attempt to walk or run- haha!

some came really prepared in outfits....

and doggie backpacks

i think luc wants one too (hehe)

luc's new "friend" for the day was natasha, suzette's pretty golden retriever who ran the 1.5k with us :)


here's suzette with natasha :)

reminded me of luc's first dog walk when he was only over a year old - we were with suzette and maggie! aww!

and with derek and milo. both milo and maggie are both gone now :( sniff :(

(and luc just looked bigger, fatter, furrier then!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

consumerism + vanity

still on shopping...

i'm about to do some online shopping in time for my trip to nyc.

first on list is a "coastal scents" make up palette.

imagine getting around 88 colors for just a little over $20. amazing right?

next are some workout dvds... including the ones by tracy anderson.

her claim to fame? she is (or was) the trainer of madonna, gwenyth, shakira, etc...

her supposed regimen can make you get muscles without the bulk.

her moves are a little funny to do... imagine repetitive pilates...

or better yet, remember how madonna danced in her ray of light music video?

here's a short clip on her moves.


wanna hitch a ride with the purchases?

busy week

sorry its been quite a busy last week for me, running around for a thursday shoot, then going off right after to bagasbas for the weekend... back to manila on a monday morning just in time to set-up for a tuesday shoot.....

among the many errands i had to make, included a trip back to divi. i've forgotten how long i haven't been there, and how i used to be there almost weekly at some point. not much has changed there really, my "suki" watch your car guy still gives me prime parking space, mr. ong and curly-haired girl in my favorite printed cotton fabric store are still there. and as hot as it was that day, i found myself enjoying the walk along ilaya, remembering what i loved about going to divi in the first place: the eye candy, the cheap finds, the overwhelming variety of things around you....

so yes, i ended up buying a few P30 a yard fabrics on the street that caught my eye.... a rainbow striped thick cotton, satin zebra print, and a brown and light blue floral canvas! i bought a few yards to maybe make into ottoman covers?, re-upholster a chair with?, or into a new floor pillow/dog bed for luc?.... (not that i don't already have more than enough fabrics lying around the blackhole that is white plains)

but what i reaaaally went hunting for in divi was a frock fabric i could use to make "padded walls" for my dressing room set! and i found it in a nice home fabric store in tutuban (where i should take you!). lots of nice fabrics at very affordable prices. here's what my set looked like :)

bagasbas was quite hectic too - in between helping with organzing stuff, surfing, playing frisbee and watching other competitions, the only time i got to really relax and do nothing was on sunday (after i had literally burned my eyes out!). so i stayed in our big "kubo with papag", listening to romeo lee's turntable and records! it was quite a trip...

so yes i'm back and will see you soon!!! what happened in misibis?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

graphic designer wannabe


have we been invisible or what?

just to keep things going, sharing with you some of my here-and-there doin-it-for-free-and-for-the-fun-of-it on-top-of-EVERYTHING-i'm-doing design projects...

that's about it.

what have you been up to?