Sunday, June 27, 2010

clever cover-up

while on the topic of trips some time ago,

chickout these uber cool and simple boarded up portions of pacific place.

they're covering the railings that are being renovated... i think they're really just printed tarps. clever eh?

i'm guessing this is what's being worked on... curved, wooden railings. cool huh?

and this is how the underside of the escalators look.

all of a sudden, the current metallic look feels dated.

howzabout our malls?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


one last (late) post about shanghai.... i actually don't get the relevance of these world expo's anymore, especially with all the information and images you can get sitting on your couch from the world wide web, not to mention how travel has become so accessible in the last several years. but i wasn't going to be in shanghai and miss the expo....

so here are some of the interesting pavilions i saw...
from the republic of oman...



denmark (you could bike down the circular ramp when you reach the top!)

Latvia (I like the metallic post-it look of this pavilion)



UK (oddity!)



switzerland (those are all LEDs)

i actually quite enjoyed the architecture and all the textures of the buildings :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

real inspirations

while in my side of hk, i really got inspired by the packaging of these "healthy" chips...

i love the use of "real" photos against graphic drawings and fonts...

it reminds me of those cookies with a look that i liked so much...

all this inspiration led me to buy these set of coasters that could be an additional peg for our upcoming cup noodles...

they're still all about "real" black and white faces against cute, bright colors.

inpsirations + this noodle box + yummy healthy noodles could maybe be something great :)

now all i need is seed money for this exciting project.

show me the money!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

tai kang lu

my first stop in my brief trip to shanghai is this area called tai kang lu, as recommended by a friend who lived in shanghai. she said it would be so up my alley, and she was absolutely right!

it was originally an old residential village in shanghai built in the 30's that has been turned into an enclave of little artsy shops and cafes. the narrow walk ways that spread throughout an entire block were so full of texture, i couldn't help but take photos almost at every turn.

i loved the all the little details...

and i really loved shopping there! you could buy all kinds of trinkets, jewelry, scarves, chinese vintage pop stuff, one of a kind clothing, artworks....

can't wait to show you my loot! :)