Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mm's brilliant show

hiya sis :)  it's been a while, yes?

i've been wanting to share this with you -- mm's show that you missed.  it's just brilliant!

she was able to collect all the photos she took over the years -- and i know you probably have a great collection, too!

check these out... photos of old, broken chairs...

...and sofas...

here are photos of different surfaces and skies with great colors...

tops of stuff...

knick knacks...


and her self-portrait... all "mm"s!!!

maybe you can start collecting photos of your name and make one for yourself?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stella is a Star!

I've been wanting this book (obviously)...

written by broadway genius bernadette peters.

it's about a dog named stella who wanted to be a dancing princess pig.

so I was so happy when an aunt from nyc sent one over.

and check it out, it's signed!

not only is this apt for my own little star because of the name...

but i think it poignantly verbalizes my wish for her too...

through the lesson of the book that was conveniently written (and sung) in a song in the end.

listen to bernadette sing it live in a bookstore in nyc while reading the lyrics below.

Don't be afraid to be who you are,
That's what I want to see.
And don't be afraid to reach for the stars,
If you do, that's where I want to be.

Sometimes a heart can close the door,
That's not what you want to do.
Sometimes a heart needs so much more,
Just open it so love can come through.

Don't be afraid to follow your dream,
You have to let it grow.
And don't be afraid to trust who you are,
So you can be the friend you'd like to know.

I need to know that you are there.
You need to know that we all care.
Don't be afraid, we are all near.
Don't be afraid we are all here.. for you.

Don't be afraid, Stella!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

patrolman bose

i went to a fab show in the manila contemporary a few weeks back and saw something i liked and thought you might like even more...

cool yes?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dahon for Courreges

Bought myself a folding bike for the city (so that i could leave my mountain bike in the mountains!).  I didn't really want to spend too much on it, so I looked at some japanese surplus sites online and found this!  Dahon for Courreges.  How can I resist?!?

Andre Courreges was a French designer who set up his own couture house in 1961, after working for Balenciaga.  "His love for cycling, racing and sports has had a huge impact on the way in which he designed."  He has a strong link with the Op Art movement of the 60's and lays claim to the invention of the mini-skirt.

even luc likes it! :)

it makes me want to ride my bike in one of his mod pieces!  :D

we made an ishq bag inspired by this signature courreges design. (we made ours in a similar shape in black/white and pink/white houndstooth, if you remember :) )

step #4: choose your "wedding car" :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

12 people, 8 courses, 1 (mama's) table

Finally sat at that elusive private table in Baguio, thanks to twinpopats, who invited me last minute (on my last minute weekend trip!).  And because you missed my live-tweeting of the 8 courses, here are all the scrumptuous dishes served that night in that beautiful house!

By the way, before the feast began, twinpopbaguio and I came early to be able to see the house with its beautiful garden and spectacular views in the daylight, and even caught the sunset as the day was getting chilly.  After some cocktails and a spread of appetizers - my favorite of which was the chicharon with smoked bangus dip (!) - we all took our places at "mama's table" to begin dinner....

The first plate set down infront of us looked impressive! And the contents did not disappoint! 

caramelized onions, shiitake/oyster/button mushrooms, gruyere cheese, truffled mustard

apparently you are supposed to dip the anchovied butter fingertoast in it.  YUM :D   truly an appetizing appetizer!
squash with singkamas soup.  you can't go wrong with any kind of squash soup, in my opionion.

first intermezzo: seared scallop on tabbouleh.

norwegian salmon on a bed of mushrooms, with mussels and buttered prawns

second intermezzo: creamed goat cheese with asparagus, crushed hazelnuts, roasted beet and strawberry vinaigrette, watercress, topped with a caperberry.  perhaps my favorite dish of the night! :)

seared and roasted tenderloin with corn, zucchini and mushroom risotto, and buttered french snow peas.  guess which part i loved here :D

salad at the end of the meal, to help digest, french-style: lola rosa, romaine lettuce, watercress with apples, oranges, walnuts in a citrus vinaigrette.  refreshing indeed... to prepare for the killer dessert...

pavlova with mangoes, strawberries and toblerone chocolate sauce.  

 yes i actually ate all of that in one (long and perfectly paced) sitting :D  the best part of the experience is really the gracious gracious host and chef! :)  (so this may just be step #3 *winkwink*)

okay, now back to dieting! :D

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sulo riviera hotel

it's not everyday that i find design that blows me away... and so i'm so happy to indulge in this discovery of mine...

yesterday, i headed to the old sulo hotel for a UNICEF presentation... only to find out that the hotel has been refurbished and is TOTALLY beautiful.

without exaggerating -- for me, it's the BEST designed hotel that i've seen in the city. it beats all the other boutique hotels that have been sprouting up around the metro.

this is one of the first things i noticed -- VERY cute chandeliers that have been fused with a big twig.

too bad i didn't get to take a photo of the ballroom... but here's the hall outside it.

even the fresh arrangements are so tasteful!!!

this is pretty much what you see when you enter the hotel...

the styled bookshelves and seating area...

old books, animal figurines, purple sequined pillows... who put this all together???

the beautiful chandeliers & lighting...

the very cleverly chosen and placed tiles...

the reception area with the glass that matches the tiles...

the cafe (even the buffet table and floral arrangements are spot on) that overlooks the pool...

the pool area...

the bar... where no detail was overlooked...

everything is so tastefully done... and i feel like this look is a look that SO MANY are trying to achieve -- but i've only seen it really successfully done here.

i didn't get to see any of the rooms -- so i looked up their website and i was NOT disappointed! look at this! wow!

it's awful but my first thought was that this was not done by a Filipino. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that it WAS in fact done by one -- although she did spend 20 years in Spain -- so that might explain the success of the design too.

read more about her here.

go and visit the hotel!