Wednesday, June 29, 2011

25 random things about belly

inspired by a post from kiki&lala, and as a way to fill in our blog's gaps (hehe), lemme jot down 25 random things about you. please reciprocate (hehe).

1. she used to painstakingly collect postage stamps -- with albums and all.
2. she was in love with river phoenix.
3. she was captain of the ateneo varsity football team.
4. she always graduates with honors.
5. she would always be the highest (non-chinese) accounting test scorer in her batch.
6. she can eat as much as (or more than) the boys.
7. she wasn't the cutest baby... but then she would say she's like the ugly duckling who became a swan.
8. she knits.
(wow 25 is a lot ha...)
9. she was engaged before. (mwahaha)
10. she was once a marketing professor in ateneo.
11. she was a kindergarten teacher.
12. she used to teach an autistic toddler one-on-one -- she got him to speak -- and now he goes to college in ateneo!
13. she has a phobia (not fear) of real-looking dolls
14. she can fearlessly kill a big flying cockroach.
15. she can cry buckets with sad movies and books.
16. she loves female images, female singers, female artists.
17. she took classes for photography, pottery, fashion illustration, oil painting, diving, ... did i miss anything?
18. she's a proud UP mountaineer... climbed the highest and 2nd highest peak in the philippines.
19. she still plays football.
20. when she dies, she wants to be remembered as a happy, free spirit.
21. she was once part of manila's 25 best dressed (eiw).
22. first words of her college write-up: small but terrible.
23. she said that if brad pitt met her he would fall for her.
24. she sometimes tap dances when she's drunk.
25. she is a crafts woman at heart -- she even subscribes to martha stewart's website.

corny ba?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

moving up

we've come a long way!

check out the manuals...

and the ad!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

today was a good day to FLY

jumping right back in with a video of my first paraglide flight jumping off a ridge in carmona :)


seriously thinking of taking this up as a new sport.....