Friday, July 15, 2011

feelings are... just you...

i'm sure you still memorize these by heart the way i do.

home is in your heart!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

25 (very) random things about flower

1. when she was a kid, she wanted to be a boy.
2. and she wanted to be named "monty", after JC Bonnin's character in Flor de Luna (hahahaha!).
3. as non-outdoorsy as she is now, she was actually once a girl scout.
4. she was on the ateneo football team and then the ateneo golf team.
5. she paints really well and was once part of a group exhibit.
6. she is a published children's book author and illustrator.
7. she has always been luminously white, and her feet were mistaken for bread by fish at a creek when we were kids.
8. she had always wanted to have a dog but never got one until she was married.
9. she has never had her own room (shared one with me until she stared sharing one with her husband - hwehwe).
10. she is a serious excel geek!
11. she used to have brooke shields-like eyebrows in the 80s (hehe).
12. she wrote and composed the graduation song for her batch in highschool (or was it gradeschool?).
13. she studied architecture as a second degree (years after graduating from a management engineering course).
14. she and her highschool friends used to have tons of swimming-sleepovers complete with catwalk videos!
15. her driver's license is still expired.
16. she claims to have "quit" smoking several years ago (even if she was never actually a smoker - haha)
17. she doesn't like pesto.
18. she once slapped a girl she fought with in highschool.
19. she does graphic design work on the side (when she has the time) - making logos, etc for her own company and for others.
20. she loves to put labels (made with her labeler) on all her stuff to keep them organized.
21. she loves to read non-fiction books.
22. she has 2 yayas - a daytime and a nighttime one (hehe).
23. she plays the piano, and can play songs by ear.
24. she once took my one of our mom's jars, which she had been looking for for weeks, and gave it to her for christmas. hehehe.
25. she has a phobia (not fear) of cockroaches.

p.s. you're right, this is much harder than i thought.