Monday, March 5, 2012

12 people, 8 courses, 1 (mama's) table

Finally sat at that elusive private table in Baguio, thanks to twinpopats, who invited me last minute (on my last minute weekend trip!).  And because you missed my live-tweeting of the 8 courses, here are all the scrumptuous dishes served that night in that beautiful house!

By the way, before the feast began, twinpopbaguio and I came early to be able to see the house with its beautiful garden and spectacular views in the daylight, and even caught the sunset as the day was getting chilly.  After some cocktails and a spread of appetizers - my favorite of which was the chicharon with smoked bangus dip (!) - we all took our places at "mama's table" to begin dinner....

The first plate set down infront of us looked impressive! And the contents did not disappoint! 

caramelized onions, shiitake/oyster/button mushrooms, gruyere cheese, truffled mustard

apparently you are supposed to dip the anchovied butter fingertoast in it.  YUM :D   truly an appetizing appetizer!
squash with singkamas soup.  you can't go wrong with any kind of squash soup, in my opionion.

first intermezzo: seared scallop on tabbouleh.

norwegian salmon on a bed of mushrooms, with mussels and buttered prawns

second intermezzo: creamed goat cheese with asparagus, crushed hazelnuts, roasted beet and strawberry vinaigrette, watercress, topped with a caperberry.  perhaps my favorite dish of the night! :)

seared and roasted tenderloin with corn, zucchini and mushroom risotto, and buttered french snow peas.  guess which part i loved here :D

salad at the end of the meal, to help digest, french-style: lola rosa, romaine lettuce, watercress with apples, oranges, walnuts in a citrus vinaigrette.  refreshing indeed... to prepare for the killer dessert...

pavlova with mangoes, strawberries and toblerone chocolate sauce.  

 yes i actually ate all of that in one (long and perfectly paced) sitting :D  the best part of the experience is really the gracious gracious host and chef! :)  (so this may just be step #3 *winkwink*)

okay, now back to dieting! :D

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oooh i just saw this! soo hungry! and excited for *wink*wink*