Friday, October 30, 2009

weighty issues2

more reasons!!! waaaaaah!

my all-time fave macarons...

the uber-sophis macarons...

mille feuille in a bar...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

weighty issues

waaaah! i'm at my heaviest ever! wuh happened?

is it because i haven't exercised in almost half a year (oopsies)?

short-term-wise, i blame it on these:

the BEST cheese crackers EVERRRRRR.

i'd make you taste 'em but they're gone.

if you know of someone going to paris, or nyc, or tokyo... have them buy this for you.

think soft cheddar bits wrapped in ultra thin crepes.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

angels everywhere

i heart pulse yoga.

teacher tesa's kind enough to give us complementary sessions every other tuesday.

i find that yoga's a great way for many of us to deal with the past traumas, self-esteem issues and self-discipline, among others.

they even give out cold towels and hot tea after each session. what a treat!

thanks too to twinpopgay, who provided us with our first batch of free-for-all condoms.

salamat po!


maybe it should just be this... classic and simple. and straight to the point.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i've been working on this design project...

it's for twinpopgay's cd covers.

someone is ordering for christmas (naks).

one is for the religious/mass/churchy songs. this is what i came up with: (fyi, that's him)

the other is for his frank-sinatra-y songs...

this is his shadow during a gig: (but customer didn't like this so much)...

he was suggesting to use this photo... but he finds it a bit pretentious... (but perhaps this is the most appropriate!)

this is another one i made... it's based on this photo (of him begging)...

i thought it was most reflective of his character -- haha!

so here's a collage i came up with. backdrop is an MRT station... ("sing for a drink" is a lyric from one of the songs in CD).


Monday, October 26, 2009

oh yes, she will be ours!!!!

"castle" by lena cobangbang

kulet... hihihi :)

reaching up


we're getting a grant for my school h.ou.s.e. project!!!

(This is our school h.ou.s.e. logo...)

it takes inspiration from those ivy league coat of arms...

and twinpophub's "mahirap abutin pero kaya" art works...

maybe securing a high school (and grade school) diploma for each of the messy bessititas isn't that much of a feat after all :)

I think Susan was right... and this grant is Saturn's gift...

She said that:

Saturn has been touring your tenth house of career for two years, and ever since, your abilities, good judgment, practicality, resourcefulness, and determination to stay the course have been tested.


Saturn always leaves a gift by the door when your tour of duty is over.

So maybe this is Saturn's gift... or simply God's gift of course :)

So first things first... which chair to choose for our permanent classroom? Both are from Uratex, makers of the infamous monobloc chairs.

Whichyou like?

Friday, October 23, 2009

totally 80's

i know i'll be totally dating myself with this entry.... but this is what we should have done today!!!! (we still have the next 2 days!)

i remember i was in gradeschool when i watched "Sixteen Candles" for the first time.... i LOVED molly ringwald there, and i wrote my very first fan mail to her (and i think i copied her hairstyle then as well- haha!). i actually did get a reply - not personally from molly but from people at john hughes entertainment. i got a bunch of posters, pins, stickers, movie stills for her next movie "Pretty in Pink". i basically received regular stuff from the mail from the people at john hughes, which included stuff for his next films.... "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "She's Having a Baby". so yes, i became a john hughes fan then :)

well in case we miss the festival, remember i bought this dvd box set today!!! haha!

how could i have resisted?!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ako ang simula

this sign was, i thought, a sign of things to come.

the registration poster was in a nice gilded frame and red easel. this is probably the nicest registration poster in the country!

it was in the rockwell tent... so it was comfy, not a lot of people... KINDA organized... airconditioned...

it took me, however, THREE HOURS to register! ugggh!!!

i was nerdy enough to do some pre-work: downloaded, printed and filled up forms as instructed by the website.

only to find out that these are INVALID!

as per cranky comelec guy, "di yan puede, manipis ang papel" -- wtf?

cranky comelec guy also had loud spats with a good number of registrants while we were there -- wtf?? so much for 'public service'...

i have more to say about the system... but too tired to do so. but if you can imagine, they could have cut a LOT of steps and gov't workers in the process, a MICROCOSM of our current situation.


so here i am, registered but still undecided...

after witnessing the awful inefficient system of this li'l comelec satellite registration, it really is making me wonder who to vote for.

for me it's a matter of figuring out what will help solve our problems the most...

will it be a very incorruptible leader?

or will it be a very smart reformer?

on the one hand, an incorruptible leader will inspire people to not be corrupt, and will assure us that at least on the highest level, there will be no direct corruption (maybe by family members, but not by him himself because he won't allow for it).

on the other hand, a very smart reformer will address other aspects that cause corruption -- aspects like bureaucracy, inefficiencies and poor foundations of our political system...

but then again, is there even a very smart reformer in the running? but also, is our situation so so dire that we are all forced once again vote for a reluctant leader who peers find to be a bit intellectually incapacitated?

so obviously, at the moment, i'm still undecided.

but elated, nonetheless, that i have actually registered. here's the proof:

my apolitical days are over.

and i'm sure i'll have a candidate in a few months' time... i just need more time and information... and inspiration.

so, here's to our country, and to hoping that at the very least erap/binay won't win.

in the meantime, let's not obsess too much about the government, and just do what we can like we always do.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

a new high

so i think i've found myself (yet another) hobby.... :D

hihihi. i want to buy a kite!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i shouldn't be alive!

2 and a half weeks plus 2 typhoons after... i'm back! shooting discovery channel's "i shouldn't be alive" series was probably one of the most rewarding work experiences i've had - big challenges, a super art dept team, the sun and the sea, great people to work with :) here are some of the cool memories.... (minus the crew parties!)...

my hero boat, "under construction", with lead UK actors harry and otis on the shore....

and at sea...

on the days when the waters were too choppy (right after the huge storm), we shot a lot of scenes from the pier....

setting up with director James Strong and DOP Rupert Binsley...

Rupert working the kapote on those rainy days....

Manolette, our sound guy, rain or shine!

the boys and their "sunburn" the "cold"

... and in my favorite jellyfish scene (yes we made those jello jellyfish!)

shooting against green screen in a green pool at night...

here are a couple of interior sets we shot in, the church and the church hall....

next episode, the skydivers!!!!

beau, michael and simon...

and my fake parachute!

parting shots of james and charlotte plus rupert in action...

can't wait to see the finished product! i'm glad to be back but i will miss being on this set and working with everyone :)