Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lulajze Jezuniu

merry christmas, sis!

here's a polish christmas song played by my fave lil guitar player, sungha.

see you tomorrow!

bamboo organ church

LAST DAY!!! YEY!! we decided to drive all the way to the bamboo organ church in las pinas for the last day of simbang gabi. it didn't seem so far without any traffic anyway. like all the other churches we've been to, it was filled to the brim. the altar was actually moved to the entrance of the church so that more people (outside the church) could hear mass. it was a bit disappointing though that they didn't actually use the bamboo organ - hehe :) but thankfully, it was probably most entertaining homily of all the 9 days.

the bamboo organ is made almost entirely of bamboo and used about 902 bamboo pipes...

the altar


tree of parols...

outside the church


nuestra senora dela paz y bien viaje

day 8: Antipolo Church where the original Nuestra Senora del Paz y Bien Viaje sits. She was brought from Mexico in 1626 and was turned over to the Jesuits for the Church of Antipolo in 1632.

there is the statue perched on top of the altar (sorry so tiny)...

walking up to the church

the sea of people hearing mass outside (via a large screen projector!)

inside the church...

one more day to go!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nuestra senora de guadalupe

day 7: The foundations of the church and monastery in Guadalupe were laid in 1801, and construction finished in 1829.


day 6: biked to familiar De La Strada church outside La Vista to catch the 4:30am mass so i could get to UP in time for the 6am bike out....

i've always liked this church's roof...

i love the hanging white christmas decors....

after mass, i was able to get about 10 mins nap on a bench in UP before the other bikers came :) we loaded our bikes and took them all the way to Sta. Inez in Tanay, Rizal.

we must have crossed about 10 rivers on the trail.....

to get to our sumptuous "baon" lunch of laing, lechon, pandesal, hotdogs, siomai, chicken, spaghetti, anything anyone could bring basically - hehe.

and the beautiful, "invigorating" (super cold) waterfalls....

perfect way to spend a sunday!
i'm dead tired....

Monday, December 22, 2008


'Tis the season to be jolly!!! How can it not be, when I finally had some of the BEST pili squares.  think food for the gods but better... 

these are specially made by the kitchen of emma lacson in bacolod (silay, actually).

then i met santa... notice, he's actually white!  

even better, he gave me a gift!

here it is (it's a book)... i love it!

then, remember how you said it's been a bit somber this christmas?  have to agree because the lights on the street lamps aren't as festive. 

then, i saw anson's (beside makati shangri-la)... the whole building lights up and changes color.

kinda cool, kinda cheesy.

merry merry!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sanctuario del santo cristo

day five: sanctuario del santo cristo, san juan. this church was rebuilt several times after wars and fires, and the final church was erected in 1774. its quite a large church with very interesting interiors, not what you would expect from what it looks like outside. see for yourself....

people could actually walk up to the crucifix through a staircase at the back of the altar...

waiting for the sun to rise....