Tuesday, February 22, 2011

postcards and parents

there is something about reading a handwritten letter that still makes my heart skip a beat :) i got these postcards from mom and dad when we were still too young to travel with them. i'm glad i've kept them all these years.

from japan

from germany

something you could do for stella one day :) hee hee.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


look at who visited me?

can't see her? here's a closer look.

and an even closer look... check out her perfectly round lips under the clear pacifier :)

and speaking of perfectly round, here's the super cute cake from yesterday's shower...

and here's the giveaway.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

art start

lately, we've been finding extra joy in looking at art for kids.

we caught the last day of the "we are not aimless" show at the manila contemporary art gallery.

it's a group show of illustrators. so cute.

(check out the whole show here.)

it didn't seem that well-supported, but we did manage to get a little sum'n sum'n... to be added to our small collection...

these ones from silverlens...

an original by pepper roxas...

yes, my fave siopao... by pepper too...

this one painted by a nephew when he was around 5... can you believe it???

pieces from the drawing room...


Saturday, February 5, 2011

b&w bedroom

i'm writing this on our new desk: the piece that finishes our bedroom project.

isn't the desk pretty? it's by kenneth cobonpue.

anyway, remember our inspiration?

here's how we interpreted it...

and here are a few of my fave details...

my bedside b&w photo of pops.

some serene drawings...

my siopao...

your paris photos :)

a little vignette...

still a li'l work to be done. but i think we did pretty good...

...until we will make changes to add this.

Friday, February 4, 2011

domo arigato mr. roboto

robot is that new japanese resto (where the old wasabi used to be)... what can i say?

1. very interesting modern interiors and lighting design- i especially love the wave ceiling of light bulbs and the disco ball bathroom! but the finishes looked a little rough around the edges (i noticed a lot of "imperfections" but maybe that's just me - hehe)
2. the japanese fusion food was okay though i usually prefer just regular fresh japanese food. i did end up ordering my usual edamame (which was served with lemon! interesting!), salmon and uni sashimi anyway - and those were very good :)
3. the music when we came in was bossanova. ugh. but they did change it upon our request - hehehe.

we must have been annoying customers - hihihi :) chickout the photos :)

the entrance with a digital screen sign. the vertical white bars sort of still remind me of the old wasabi.

(this looks much whiter in real life :) - wave ceiling made of light bulbs, steel and glass interiors, white couches, ghost chairs (umay), mirror tables

close up of the ceiling of bulbs (philippines = cheap labor, hahaha)

futuristic hallway to the bathroom - lots of mirrors

the disco ball bathroom with tentacle like sensor faucets

little mirrors everywhere, even on the floor

the light changes from whitish blue during dinner and then to raspberry colors after

the mirror tables are kinda fun.

on another note, we passed by salon de ning at the penn next door (one of only 4 in the world, i heard). and the interiors were AMAZING! so much thought went into every detail, and looks like they didn't spare anything at all... you HAVE to chickitout. here is a peak at the dramatic entrance....