Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dahon for Courreges

Bought myself a folding bike for the city (so that i could leave my mountain bike in the mountains!).  I didn't really want to spend too much on it, so I looked at some japanese surplus sites online and found this!  Dahon for Courreges.  How can I resist?!?

Andre Courreges was a French designer who set up his own couture house in 1961, after working for Balenciaga.  "His love for cycling, racing and sports has had a huge impact on the way in which he designed."  He has a strong link with the Op Art movement of the 60's and lays claim to the invention of the mini-skirt.

even luc likes it! :)

it makes me want to ride my bike in one of his mod pieces!  :D

we made an ishq bag inspired by this signature courreges design. (we made ours in a similar shape in black/white and pink/white houndstooth, if you remember :) )

step #4: choose your "wedding car" :D


Casey Bustamante said...

hi! i was wondering how much you got the bike for? i was planing to buy that same bike from my friend and i didnt know how much to get it for. thanks!

belly said...

I got it for about P5500, secondhand :) hope that helps!