Friday, October 31, 2008

hongkong highlights

here are some quick highlights of my hongkong trip....

1. sunken pleasure = 2008 pan-asian ultimate champions!!!

2. seeing a giant panda for the first time! they were just so overwhelming-ly adorable, the only thing i brought home from my trip was a panda cap. haha.

3. food!!! i looove the food in hongkong.... ate duck every chance i could - hehe :) but tried these super good, freshly made eggtarts from Macau Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui - "they" say its the best in town, better even than the ones in Macau itself....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

funny vids

hey welcome back!!!

so glad you're back. i've been so bored lately with you and twinpophub gone.  i've been having an overdose of youtube! (loser).

i heart adam samberg of snl.  he's hilarious.  here's his famous mark-wahlberg-talking-to-animals skit.

napikon si mark...

adam samberg was first known for his rapping/singing on snl.  this is one of my fave vids.  it's SO FUNNY.  JT's in it (love him).  WATCH IT!!!

lamma island

hey sis! i'm back! my team just won the championship at the pan asian ultimate tournament in hongkong!!! its the first time a philippine frisbee team (and an all-filipino one at that!) won an international tourney!!! but that's a whole 'nother post.... (still waiting for photos)...

since i spent most of the time on the frisbee fields in hk, i had very little time to really go around and shop. so i decided to go to a part of hongkong i've never been before on my first free day..... lamma island! i loved it instantly and you'll see why.....

its a tiny laid-back island, the "bohemian" part of hongkong, with walking paths sprawled all around. there are NO CARS on lamma. so everyone just walks or bikes around....

the walkways are so pretty....

and its lined with little shops....

and little vegetarian restos and stores....

doggies walking around (and being given away *cute*)....

and there's a beach....

where you could watch the sunset...

sooooo my type of place, don't ya think?

we heart joe biden

watch this right-winged republican newscaster get creamed!  ha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


last week, we trekked to the 3rd annual philippine youth symphonic band's fundraising concert in rockwell.

part of the event was an auction for these cute kiddie and doggie furniture.  these were my faves -- a pair of li'l floral tea cup chairs -- will talk about them in another post!

highlight of the show (for me) was this little trumpeteer.  8 years old, tiny, and totally adorable!!!

i love this project!  what a great way to help the kids + promote filipino talent & musical heritage!

we need more projects like these in the phil.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ole! ole!

how cool is this...

for the first time EVER, palestine is hosting an international football match in their OWN turf (in west bank) today.

they may not be on the map yet, but at least they have this as a start!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


speaking of mochi + yogurt... guess what i had for dinner?

the only time i get to go back to my odd non-eating habits is when twinpophub is away.

i decided to go get frozen yogurt for dinner.

trekked to lulu belle in rockwell -- love the name!  love the store!  (thanks the heart2heart for the photo).

lo and behold, i realized mochi was one of the toppings they offered!

so instead of my usual banana + granola topping, i had banana + mochi.  mmm mmm good.

yun lang...

p.s. please come home na, i'm awfully lonely with twinpophub and you away.


i couldn't resist... saw this in rockwell's baker's dozen.  they're chocolate truffles covered in mochi.

i liked the dark chocolate -- the others, i thought, tasted a bit weird.  still something different though.  this is part of the maker's menu...

my fave is still mochi with ice cream!!!  the best is the one filled with cookies and cream.  although in japan, they have lots of stands with different flavors...  i only tasted hagen dazs' green tea and cookies and cream.

according to heart2heart, a new frozen yoghurt stand in mall of asia called White Hat has mochi toppings!  yummmm!

yun lang.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


hey sis - sorry i've been sooo busy with all my "rackets" - haha! i should post about each of them soon.... the first one i managed to squeeze in was a shoot at adora for 24/7 nocturnal navigator.... i love the store's interiors.... here are some behind-the-scenes....

steve tirona at work in the adora fitting rooms with Cristina Humphries....

watch out for the november issue :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

oh no, ohio

got this from carlos celdran who got this from bryanboy.

it's scary how places as hateful and fearful like these still exist -- and right in the middle of america!

and it's funny how this was a clipping from al jazeera.  we don't see anything near this on cnn or bbc!

and the mccain/palin campaign fuels these theocratic, racist, totally absurd, fearful, hateful, narrow minds.

so disturbing...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new shoes

remember when i took the photo of us wearing our new shoes in this post?

well we saw each other in a party a week later, and guess what?


SLab +

hey sis,

dropped by silverlens gallery's new extension, SLab (Silverlens Lab) which showcases paintings, drawings and sculpture.

the pilot show is by genius patty eustaquio.  (she makes fab dresses -- but i think is ultimately a super smart and talented artist.  she graduated magna cum laude from UP fine arts!)

title of show:  death to the major viva minor.

her works are commentary to JS Bach's piano exercise 'the well tempered clavier'... i can't really articulate how the whole show works... but anyway, here are the paintings and sculptures...

within SLab is 20Square, a smaller space for projects, consignments, etc.  

in this space were the works of mariano ching, one of my faves.  he loves to draw wierd images with hairy monsters, rainbows and other unrelated knick knacks.

isa does it again!  what a super duper space.

SLab is right across silverlens.  

silverlens' show was isa's 3rd called 'the moro negatives' -- cool layered images from the south.

Slab and silverlens is connected by a bridge they built.

reminds me of the connecting houses of my idol frida khalo and her husband diego rivera. 

(frida's is the blue one).

yun lang :)