Saturday, February 28, 2009

juana change

seeing willy's "yate" kinda brought about feelings of concern over the state of our nation, especially with the impending presidential elections next year.... how most of our candidates probably have this same "yate", among others....

anyway, "juana change" was introduced to me by one of the directors i worked with - who worked on most of its viral videos... and i quote (from their website)...

"“Juana Change” is a character who represents the everyday Filipino. She is the street sweeper, the jeepney driver, the government employee, or the overseas Filipino among others. She can also be a congresswoman, a faith healer or a general. She is our mirror. The Convergence Team, a group of creative artists, advocates, activists and communicators developed Juana Change and filmed short “virals” of vignettes that depict what we have become as Filipinos.

In the first week alone of the release of the first viral, more than 3,000 hits were logged on You Tube. To date, there are almost 40,000 hits on the most popular of the series. Immediate interest from major networks, other creative artists, advertising firms and reform groups brought Juana Change to prominence in a very short time. Interviews and features in television and radio both local and international continue to bridge the internet campaign with the broader multimedia audience. More important are the reactions, comments and feedback from Filipinos here and abroad on how they could relate with the character and how they could help work for change. This connection with and call to Filipinos will continue to be the focus of the group as it evolves Juana Change and its broader multi-media campaign."

i liked this video the most, kinda funny i thought:

don't you juana change too? hehe... spread the word....

Friday, February 27, 2009

willy the billy-yonaire

more of willy...

here's his "yate"... jeeezzzzz.....


how sweet is twinpop-hub?

he mentioned that willy was in the flight behind him.

and i asked if he could have a photo with him so i can share it here.

lo and behold....

it's something i would never imagine he would do,

so i'm assuming it's out of love ;P

korny ba?

note: willy not so tall pala.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

knock knock

who's there?


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


hey sis, sorry i haven't been posting - i've been quite busy, and as you know, i cannot seem to find my camera, with all my would-be posts and photos in it.... anyway, its also probably time for me to buy a new one (the "missing" one was actually the first digital camera i ever bought, when i was working briefly in singapore)... hehe

so help!!! i think i am going for those in-between-a-point-and-shoot-and-an-SLR cameras...they have all the manual functions i want (plus options for accessories) but not as heavy and bulky (and as expensive) as an SLR.... so far, my choices are...

the canon G10

or the Lumix LX3

help! comment, anyone?

p.s. here's one of the things i was busy doing....

... the show, not the guys (aw!!) - hehe :)

see the rest of the runway pics here :)

no reservations in the philippines

twinpopfil sent us the episode of anthony bourdain (who twinpophub and i are a fan of) in the phil.

chuvaness just posted it on her site.

anyhoo, here it is  -- watch it until the 5th part.

makes you proud of our heritage (and pig).  sad part is, i haven't tasted (or don't eat) a lot of the dishes featured...

watch it though, it's a must... i think.... (also the bbc clip in previous post).

p.s.  interesting insight of anthony:  "we're too nice".......

Monday, February 23, 2009

sean & lito

today, i watched sean penn rightfully speak to the anti-gay-marriage protestors during his oscar acceptance speech,

and lito atienza make a fool of himself on bbc (c/o carlos celdran).


how cool is my camera?

call me a techy twit, but i never knew it could do this, until a n.f.f. told me about the nifty feature...


yun lang :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

bukod tanging pag-ibig

took at peek at bogey ruiz's new show in slab.  it's an homage to amorsolo... quite cool.

these are the ones i liked most...

"dalagang bukid" but this time with imelda, and on a golf course.  

beside it is a sculpture called "ube" which i quite like too.

another fave, "oil/painting".

this is another version of his well-known scultpure... but this time it's covered in "amorsolo" flowers.  love it!!!  now if only i had a patio and lots of extra cash............

the scultpure is actually a cathedral inside a "kariton"...  sorta like the church propagating poverty propagating the church propagating.......  love it :)

yun lang.


how cute are the messy bessititas showing their thang on 'umagang kay ganda'?

i must say, winnie cordero is so professional and funny and sweet. 

 i like her a lo' -- enough to make waking up waaaay too early this morning just a-ok.

Monday, February 16, 2009

logos & labels

more studies for misis linis...

comments? comments?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

'taya' video

hey sis, twinpop-nephew rocks.

he directed the newest video of up dharma down, using 5,000 photos and the old-school way of making shapes with light under a super slow shutter speed.

read his write up below before watching.

chickitout here.

so proud :)

divine design

hola, sis.

here's what i meant when i said "negative spaces".  don't you think it's a cool concept for your new set design project?

this is the side of a clothes display module in a store in osaka.  love the non-lamp-post and the shade-in-wall...

speaking of design, i just visited the SM offices yesterday and i loved them!

so spacious, airy, simple and well & naturally lit.  i wanted to take photos but there were too many cctvs inside.

anyway, when i DO have my own center for h.ou.s.e. project, i'd like it to look something like that.

it almost reminds me of the pixar office -- another DREAM office... almost, but of course not quite...

yun lang :)

stop over reacting.

give him a break!

thanks, guitar hero, for keeping your sponsorship!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

faux dameaux

didja know that (some of the) patches of grass in boni high street are actually fake?

yun lang :)

bench pinoy lab

ben chan does it again.  how cool is this little shop inside the already cool dimensione in bhs?

it has a very 'urban outfitters' feel

with pinoy pop culture books...

and cute t-shirts like this "tuhog-tuhog" one...

and other cool stuffs...

yey pinoy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"for me to poop on!"

do you remember this SUPER funny dog from Conan? triumph the insult comic dog - this is TOOOO funny i had to post....

the link was sent by denshow, who himself made a ghostbusters proton pack and gun at some point in his life....

part one

part two

WAHAHAHAHA! laugh out loud funny!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

take a pick part2

on a lighter note,

since i'm currently on multiple projects, need your help again.

remember i mentioned doing a cheaper geared-for-sari-sari-stores messy bessy line?

well, here are our first studies for the logo.  i know we agreed on running these by the potential customers too.  but anyways, wanted to hear your comments first...

comments? comments?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i'm bothered

read about these two issues over the internet... and i'm quite bothered by them:

1. dolphin killing in japan (yes, our recent fave destination)... here's a trailer from an upcoming documentary on the subject....

i wanna watch it!

2. intellectual property rights: the Gary Granada vs. GMA issue... here's an audio of him laying out his argument (quite academically and articulately)... its a bit long but very interesting, so do listen....

tsk tsk...

i'm really bothered...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

look book

hey sis! guess what i found on my bed when i got home last night? :)

we used the book as a prop on the set of the soap i worked on last year. when i saw it during the shoot, i already told the PD, that THAT was my pick, if they ever decided to give any of the books on the set away. (otherwise, they would just be rotting in the propsroom of a TV network, gathering dust, unappreciated). well, she remembered! and dropped it on my doorstep last night after i had long forgotten about it....

i've always loved the look book section in New York magazine - twinpopbro even used to tear the sheets out and send (as in mail) them to me. and now i have the book! :)

great photos, cool outfits, interesting insights into personalities.... i am sooo taking insipiration from this!

i may just set up a mini-studio at some random street in manila one day and take photos and chat with whoever catches my eye.... wo-evah! haha :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


remember patrick? i met patrick when he was 3 years old, on one of my first jobs out of college. i taught him six days a week (one on one!) for 2 years. he was diagnosed with autism, and could not speak a word when i first saw him. although, i knew he was a smart boy right away - he had an excellent memory, and loved learning. because he could only make letter sounds and could not string them together, i actually had to teach him a few sign language words at some point- just so he would be able to ask for things he wanted, without getting frustrated. one afternoon, though, as we were going through his speech exercises, he was suddenly able to say a word straight and clear. and he didn't stop talking from that time on. he went on to study in smaller "mainstream" schools, first with a shadow teacher and eventually, on his own.

today, i got a text from his mom that said: "i would like to share the joyful confusion and dilemma i'm going through regarding patrick's college education. he passed entrance exams in all universities he took exams in: UST, UP, Ateneo and La Salle!.....where will he study? UP!....then we found out, being part of the director's list (top 200 qualifiers), ateneo is offering a 5K book allowance...and then just today, DLSU offered patrick a star scholarship - a full scholarship program- because he landed in the top 60 qualifiers!....i cried tears of joy.... a boy who wasn't accepted in pre-school because of his autism is now being offered a full scholarship for undergrad (and even postgrad!) studies..."

awww!!!! i cried tears of joy too. (and still keep crying everytime i read her text. hehe.) i could not be prouder for patrick :)

just wanted to share :)