Sunday, May 31, 2009

never ending story

i know we've seen this before...  can't remember the artist behind it...

i think silverlens acquired it... and it's so so cool!

from the outside, it looks like a spaceship.

up close, it looks like a bookshelf...

inside, it looks like a never ending book tunnel!

cool!  yun lang :)

Friday, May 29, 2009


on our way down from antonio's, we saw this cool looking place.

i thought it was a furniture store, so i couldn't resist.

it turned out to be a filipino restaurant with a small gift shop in front.

i love how they fixed up the place!!!

the restaurant is owned by same owners of the boutique hotel nearby + barrio fiesta, etc...

let's eat there soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

just say yes, please!

twinpophub and i had an impromptu date in antonio's breakfast (which was now moved to the main antonio's).

i'm loving the new design of the place!  i'm really impressed with his aesthetic.

what i DIDN'T love is the fact that they 

(1) didn't want to accept reservations for breakfast, and at the same time, 

they (2) didn't want us to sit in the main antonio's gallery but order breakfast.  

The worst thing is, they (3) didn't want to seat us in the breakfast area because they said there was no space...  

even if clearly there were so many empty tables, just not tables for 2.  wtf?

anyway, we insisted... i said i didn't mind staying in a table for 5... but they didn't want to seat us there. so they in the end they reluctantly set up a table for 2 -- kinda off to the side by the kitchen...  and the whole time we ate, the big tables were empty.  absurd, don't you think?

but anyway, we didn't really get mad or anything... i wanted to enjoy our little date, and my triple spinach omelette.

anyway, back to the good stuff....

i thought the interiors reminded me of the foreign correspondents club... i haven't been to many, but it reminded me of the one in seam reap.

i really love that colonial look, with dark shutters and white walls.  yun lang :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

maude marie and other curiosities

hey sis :)

checked out pepper roxas' show in silverlens.  they extended it only until the 30th so i didn't wait for you na :(

anyhoo, here it is.  i loved it, as expected.

the whole show revolved around half-kid half-animal images.  very wuzzles.  this is the half crow... this is the one you got to see in the box, remember?

this one's really creative.  it's about a boy who stole a magic potion thingy...  this is the whole installation...

the drawing...

half deer... very 'the shining' donchatink?

mushrooms... hihihi.

half squirrel ?   loving the glass enclosure.

this one's really cute.  half bird with blue eggs.

half giant squid...

outside 20square was the show of hanna pettyjohn.  wow!  what a talent!

this i liked... i thought it was such a random american scene... and it had a 'love' billboard on it  :)

then i realized after that the show IS called 'the american sweet' -- haha!

yun lang :)  see you soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009


yahoo!  we won! we won!

pinoy director brillante mendoza won BEST director (beating quentin) for his film KINATAY at the cannes.

watch some excerpts here

read more about it here.

we rock!

misis linis!

a proud moment for me...

piloting misis linis...

teaching 4 moms (of victims of human trafficking) how to make and sell the soap and make money from it...

still waiting for feedback on how they sold... but it's a start nonetheless!

the future looks bright!  whoopeee!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

pajama rama

because twinpophub blasts the a/c, my sleepwear of choice are always over-sized pyjamas.

so i was so happy to find these PJs in seibu loft -- it's made in some scandinavian country (i can't remember).  super soft, and deliberately super oversized.  it comes in his and hers... so i only bought hers...

it's a jailbird theme, obviously...  complete with the prisoner's number!

the funniest part??? comes with hat too!!!

haha!  yun lang :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


how cute are we?

tuesday is now officially yoga day for the messy bessititas.

thursday is officially brain day -- but i'll talk about that some other time.

thanks, twinpopbro!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

to our tokyo

okay... this is the last of the mohicans...

my last bunch of random photos -- some are attempts to be artsy, some are attempts to capture what we experienced, i'm not sure i achieved either.

nevertheless, just wanted to pay homage to the city of silliness and all things inspiring. 

domo arigato gozaimasu!