Friday, July 16, 2010


i'm so glad i made it to twinpopyale's exhibit opening last thursday because it was probably my most favorite exhibit at the ateneo art gallery so far :)

leeroy new's "balete", made of red hose and white plastic ties, creeps up on the rizal library facade like an alien monster. i absolutely love it.

it could eat you up! haha!

and can look quite creepy at night.

i love how its such a refreshing and new concept, how its both "ugly" and pretty at the same time, and how it really engages you - you can't help but stare, come closer and touch it :)

clever :)

you should go see it before its taken down in october!

*oh thanks to cocoy sarmenta for the photos because silly me forgot my camera :P

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flower said...


I really like Leroy's works! Remember the Santos with that eye?

And I SAW IT KANINA! When I gave a talk in Ateneo (naks).