Friday, July 16, 2010

excellent observations

observation #1: silly sign...

observation #2: could the traffic light in this intersection be any more inconspicuous???

can you see it?

it's hidden on the left side among the big trees...

it's almost deliberate... because on the opposite side is a tent full of comfy cops just waiting for the next innocent motorist who'll miss it (like me, hwe hwe)

the yellow cops remind me of that troll under the bridge just waiting for the innocent goats...

new mister mayor, do something!

observation #3: on a more positive note, *clap*clap* to dasmarinas village for the newly tiled sidewalks on mckinley!

i always believed that the affluent villages should lead in the campaign to pretty up our city...

the wealthy ones should really make an effort to extend the beauty of their homes from inside -- out!

that's all :)

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