Monday, July 26, 2010

plane mission in palawan

and here's what i pulled off while i was away....

flew to Puerto Prinsesa on a saturday morning, drove 4-5 hours to Calawag, where we took a one-hour boat ride to Pali Island, in search of a crashed let 410 plane (which i bought for a shoot!). spent the night at Pali, at the plane's caretaker's home, and took another one-hour boat ride the next morning to Maragroyog Island - where we found the plane! Now taking the plane back to Manila, is a whole other adventure....

from Maragroyog, its another hour by boat to Danlig - where we hauled the plane parts and fuselage to, in three trips. Danlig is a 6 hour drive back to Puerto Prinsesa (and we took 2 trucks in 2 trips for this as well). So yes hauled the plane over the sea, and onto a truck, chopped it up and stuffed it into 2 container vans, shipped it to Manila. Whew!

but we pulled it off, just like you did here! synergy! haha :) thanks to the universe!

and in case, no one would believe me, here are the photos!


Joanna said...

that is so wild! i love it!

flower said...!

The Viva La Vida Mamas said...

No way! That IS Wild
- Nana