Friday, July 30, 2010

today's sunset

amidst a very very hectic day was this beautiful sunset that made me stop and catch my breath.

(taken from the SCTEX going to subic.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

plane mission in palawan

and here's what i pulled off while i was away....

flew to Puerto Prinsesa on a saturday morning, drove 4-5 hours to Calawag, where we took a one-hour boat ride to Pali Island, in search of a crashed let 410 plane (which i bought for a shoot!). spent the night at Pali, at the plane's caretaker's home, and took another one-hour boat ride the next morning to Maragroyog Island - where we found the plane! Now taking the plane back to Manila, is a whole other adventure....

from Maragroyog, its another hour by boat to Danlig - where we hauled the plane parts and fuselage to, in three trips. Danlig is a 6 hour drive back to Puerto Prinsesa (and we took 2 trucks in 2 trips for this as well). So yes hauled the plane over the sea, and onto a truck, chopped it up and stuffed it into 2 container vans, shipped it to Manila. Whew!

but we pulled it off, just like you did here! synergy! haha :) thanks to the universe!

and in case, no one would believe me, here are the photos!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

49 clips, 2 days.

We can't believe we pulled it off!

And I can't believe you weren't there!!!

Anyway, here are some of what you've missed...

oh and this li'l one too...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

buffant buffet

twinpopbro and i went to this party recently...

it had an uber cool set-up

and the MOST beautiful buffet i've ever seen.

if i remember right, the hostess (when she was still an nyc caterer) did service martha stewart!

the whole table was topped with a thin mirror which served as the main platter as well..

everything was nonchalantly scattered -- even the forks... with herbs sprinkled on them!

the whole spread was a feast for the eyes!

it was almost a sin to eat from it!

here's the flamboyant hostess showing her creation.

and here's her grand daughter who seems to take after her spunk.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


did you see this in the news???

this is laguna de bay -- our largest lake.

and it's covered with dead fish. gross right?

last friday, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of fish were found floating on the water.

it's apparently a phenomenon that happens regularly, when the lake is so full of pollution and garbage that the oxygen drops and the fish die.

there's some sort of sad poetic justice here...

it's like the lake taking what's rightfully hers, (the fish) and feeding herself with the nutrients that we've been depriving her from.

in the meantime, we go hungry... lest we eat poisonous fish.


Friday, July 16, 2010


i'm so glad i made it to twinpopyale's exhibit opening last thursday because it was probably my most favorite exhibit at the ateneo art gallery so far :)

leeroy new's "balete", made of red hose and white plastic ties, creeps up on the rizal library facade like an alien monster. i absolutely love it.

it could eat you up! haha!

and can look quite creepy at night.

i love how its such a refreshing and new concept, how its both "ugly" and pretty at the same time, and how it really engages you - you can't help but stare, come closer and touch it :)

clever :)

you should go see it before its taken down in october!

*oh thanks to cocoy sarmenta for the photos because silly me forgot my camera :P

excellent observations

observation #1: silly sign...

observation #2: could the traffic light in this intersection be any more inconspicuous???

can you see it?

it's hidden on the left side among the big trees...

it's almost deliberate... because on the opposite side is a tent full of comfy cops just waiting for the next innocent motorist who'll miss it (like me, hwe hwe)

the yellow cops remind me of that troll under the bridge just waiting for the innocent goats...

new mister mayor, do something!

observation #3: on a more positive note, *clap*clap* to dasmarinas village for the newly tiled sidewalks on mckinley!

i always believed that the affluent villages should lead in the campaign to pretty up our city...

the wealthy ones should really make an effort to extend the beauty of their homes from inside -- out!

that's all :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

desktop design

he's too adorable!

speaking of adorable, chickout my new desktop:

designed by moi, and inspired by your cute vintage candyland desktop

like it?

world cup hangover....

and just like a scene from my fave movie "love actually", here is iker casillas, spanish goalkeeper, being interviewed by his real life reporter girlfriend.....

awwwww :) i love him! haha!

Friday, July 9, 2010

flip, flop, filipino

a few nights ago, i received these special filipinas collection havaianas:

it was the company's way of honoring "filipino icons who inspire other filipinos." *touched*

speaking of filipino, i just remembered sharing with you our independence-day dvd-day that you missed.

although the movie was japanese, the snacks were all pinoy.

even the remote control was "themed"

the theme went on until merienda time...

with matching chismosa palengkera doll.