Monday, June 29, 2009

green is good

super cute logos sis! while you were busy with your "design lab" work, i've been busy shooting during the week and with everything else on weekends... here's what you missed this sunday :P

our "green is good" run (GIG run) finally happened last sunday.

over 1,500 runners joined.... (FYI, the 10k winner ran in 33 mins., while the 5k winner ran it in 15!)

all sorts of "characters" came out to join the 2.2k fun run... my favorites were....

my friends rey, dennis and dip as the monterey mascots (wahahaha), with "lawin", UP's resident runner - who is actually not in costume, as he dresses like that everyday. yes, everyday.

the ipises...

and little wonder woman :)

the best part?... running with the UP mountaineers, 32 rounds for 32 years! (okay, i only ran the 32nd one - hehe)

happy anniversary UPM :) cheers!!!


since i seem to be getting more and more experienced with graphic design, i'm starting to get little projects here and there.

no fees yet, but at least my portfolio is adding up.

here's the latest: a brand for some quirky pastries of my twinpopniece... her sister's the model!

cool huh? :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


my addiction to TED was revived when our parallel universe featured a vid on creative learning.

so many to watch... so little time...

among the many clips i watched, this i think (for now) is my fave.

i think it's very relevant to me, as i build my little space.

it's a little long, so make sure you're free to watch and enjoy the whole thing.

(note: herbie hancock is the one playing the piano in the background)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

street cafe

a few days ago, twinpopbro and i tried out the new resto at trilogy on rada...

i like the feel of the cafe... it's very young & urban just like the store...

this is what i had: some seafood tomato pasta sumn sumn...

this is what he had: a shrimp alioli pasta sumn sumn...

for being the FIRST resto customers EVER, we got our dessert for free!

so yummy: frozen tapioca mango sumn sumn... totally our type!!!

let's go there soon -- even if just for the tapioca.

pretty little things

while looking around for the perfect couch for our bedroom, came across these:

really cute installation art!

basically just colorful wind chimes and electric fans.

also so this table that i really really really like.

oh and these shelves too.

yun lang :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

glam kitchen

on a lighter note, could these be any cuter??????????????

guess what they are?

they're range hoods.

i LOVE them.

they will be mine.... for our house.... what house?

i wonder if they work well. who cares!?

Monday, June 22, 2009


i got all choked up while running (practicing for your run hehe) when i saw this news clip.

i'm not embedding it here because it's pretty graphic. here's the link if you want to see it. but you'll probably see it on cnn.

i'm so moved......

maybe because it's the first time i see someone actually die a brutal death.

also there's something about a woman standing up for these things, and in a male-dominated society. apparently iranian women are known to be fighters for justice. just like benazir.

locally, they are called 'lionesses'.

the girl's name in the clip was neda. and neda means "divine calling".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

the faces of nepal

maybe one of the best parts of the entire nepal adventure were the people i met.... here are some of my favorite portraits from the trip...

this is "tulasa" who i came across on our first trek day from besi sahar. on one our of rest stops by her house, she saw me and motioned for me to sit on the bench right outside her door. i couldn't resist asking for a photo. she was speaking to me in nepali - and i thought she was trying to tell me not to take a photo. then our guide translates for me and said she wanted her photo taken and wanted a copy sent to her :)

this woman had a basketful of dried chili. when i asked about the chili, she smiled and said "chili for you, coursani for me" (the nepali word for chili)

we got to Dharapani village quite early so i had time to go around and take photos. i saw this woman sitting outside her house as we were trekking to our teahouse. i came back to "chat" with her and her granddaughter (i assumed). the little girl new a little english but she did not. she kept motioning though to take her photo :)

at Hotel the Seven (in Dharapani), i saw these two women (who worked at the inn's kitchen) on our way to breakfast. they were having their morning coffee :) they were a little shy about having their photo taken but gave out the best smiles :)

a pretty little girl at Baggarcchap

took a photo of a woman outside her house with a brightly colored clothesline outside. i went over to greet her, and realized that the basket in front of her was not full of laundry but had a baby basking in the sun :)

the kids along the way were so friendly. most of them would stop and greet you. this little girl tried to say "namaste!" as i walked by...

and here are her siblings...

Man Bahadun... our super porter!

the many, many, many kids we met along the way....

this kid jumped out from the side, and was jumping down the stairs before his older brother joined him...

the man from Pisang where we did our first shopping spree in the mountains....

the friendly owner of Hotel Maya at Pisang...

and her granddaughter (who i found sleeping in the sun right outside our room early in the morning)...

and these kids taught me some nepali words for chicken, dog, horse... while waiting for the bus at Tukuche....


happy father's day

the last photo i remember taken of dad.....

happy father's day! *sniff*

i'm a phan

last night, i was surfing youtube, and came across this...

teaches you how to put on 'lady gaga' make-up (don't ask).

i kinda got addicted (i like that she's asian -- i can relate...) and watched her other videos -- like this.. how to do a smokey eye...

or a green & purple summer look...

this you'll like... anime eyes!!!

my fave is her airplane make up -- it's closest to what i do now haha!

there are so many more vids...

i'm now subscribed to her (don't ask).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

better living

i need to make a shelf talker for my non-household-cleaners cleaners that'll be showcased in this beauty products store...

watjatink of this?