Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my little luc

though i'm a little late, i couldn't let the day pass without greeting my little luc a happy birthday! thanks for giving him to me 5 years ago (they're getting old na *sniff* ). my life has never been the same... aww....what a bundle of joy!

luc when he was a puppy

new haircut

long hair

in his red cap

on valentine's day (i know, i know...)

panting after a walk

my favorite portrait

i love when he looks at me like this... hehe

i think my dog needs a dog...

with the family (plus albert!) at our last birthday party!

happy birthday luc, belly, sam and yoda!!!

i can't help it....

i love tina fey!!!

starbucks in the garden


a li'l starbucks kiosk in a house!

(it's actually an old to-be-disposed-of kiosk that was transferred to a home...)

it's so mtv cribs!

yun lang...

Monday, September 29, 2008

more palin

we just love to hate her! my favorite part of the interview....

and i think matt damon agrees with us.... haha

i can't wait for the vice presidential debate!!

mailbox highlights

hi sis!

wow, we were idle for a few days...  i guess because twinpopbro was in town.  he just left this morning (SNIFF!!!!!!!)

the idleness also left me with a slue of emails this morning...  more than a hundred!!!

a few tidbits from the interesting ones...

(1) from paul:  "the secret of slow" -- a men's health article that explains how slow is apparently better.  
"The Secret of Slow
So, you want to drive the golf ball farther, be a better father, trim that gut, blow 'em away in your next presentation, and make your wife moan with delight? Take a lesson from the tortoise..."

read the whole article here. 

(2) from yale:  "more reasons for you to dislike palin"

"Ms. Palin owes voters an explanation. What was the thinking behind cutting the measly few thousand dollars needed to cover the yearly cost of swabs, specimen containers and medical tests? Whose dumb idea was it to make assault victims and their insurance companies pay instead? Unfortunately, her campaign is shielding the candidate from the press, so Americans may still be waiting for answers on Election Day.

The rape-kit controversy is a troubling matter. The insult to rape victims is obvious. So is the sexism inherent in singling them out to foot the bill for investigating their own case. And the main result of billing rape victims is to protect their attackers by discouraging women from reporting sexual assaults."

read the whole article here.

(3) from a multiply contact:  "a more environment-friendly and cheaper courier:  PEDALA"

"Ebay members and online sellers like me have been patronizing couriers like Air212GoLBCXend, etc. But there's a new courier in time and I really, really hope that it will be very big.

PEDALA is a company of bike messengers joined together to fulfill your personalized delivery needs without the fumes. In short, it is an earth-friendly way to send your packages. It was a brainchild of UP Mountaineers.

Several Ebay members have already tried the service and looks like it's great. Apparently, PEDALA can deliver the package to your buyer on the same day that you requested for pick-up especially if it's just in the vicinity. No need for you to run to 2Go or Air21 to catch the 4 PM cut-off!

The intercity delivery rates are also very cheap: PhP50 for one-way delivery/pick-up and P70 for round-trip/wait and return. Okay din, no?

Kudos to the UP Mountaineers for thinking of this concept. UP Mountaineer has also spearheaded the bike rental for UP students"

what a clever idea!!!!!  (hihihihihi)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


"The Vatican has authorized "severe cautionary and disciplinary measures" against a priest who served as spiritual director to the visionaries in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has written to Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar-Duvno, whose diocese covers Medjugorje, to inform him that they are investigating the case of Franciscan Father Tomislav Vlasic...

...for the diffusion of dubious doctrine, manipulation of consciences, suspicious mysticism, disobedience toward legitimately issued orders" and charges that he violated the Sixth Commandment...

...Father Vlasic was a central figure in promoting the apparitions at the unofficial shrine in Medjugorje.

In 1984 he wrote to Pope John Paul II to say that he was the one "who through divine providence guides the seers of Medjugorje...

Four years later -- after it was revealed that he fathered a child with a nun -- he moved to Parma, Italy, where he set up the coed Queen of Peace religious community dedicated to the Medjugorje apparitions...

...The Medjugorje phenomenon began June 25, 1981, when six children told a priest they had seen Mary on a hillside near their town. Since then, Mary is said to have appeared to the six more than 40,000 times and imparted hundreds of messages.

But three church commissions failed to find evidence to support their claims, and the bishops of the former Yugoslavia declared in 1991 that "it cannot be affirmed that these matters concern supernatural apparitions or revelations."

In 1985 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then prefect of the doctrinal congregation and now Pope Benedict XVI, banned official, diocesan or parish-sponsored pilgrimages to the shrine. However, individual Catholics are still free to visit and have a priest with them."

read the whole article here.


animated shorts

you will just love these!!!




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

jo koy

another reason for pinoy pride...

jo koy (who said in an interview that he got "jo koy" from an aunt who made it up and used to always say "hoy jo koy!" hahaha)...

jo koy in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2005) where he got a standing ovation, one of the few to receive one in the show's history (the third ever only)....
Tonight Show

i love that he is truly proud to be pinoy!

apparently rachel is watching him front row in november in singapore! see more of his super funny vids here.


speaking of bitches (harhar), an interesting article just came out in the New Yorker about the whole Leona Helmsley "trouble". when she died last year, she left $12million to her beloved dog, Trouble. and left 2 of her grandchildren out of the will. the big chunk of her estate (estimated to be about $8billion) was left to the "provision of care for dogs".

although later on, trouble would lose $10million to the grandchildren. her $2million was deemed sufficient to take care of her for the remainder of her life, considering her age and medical condition.

she's cute :) (trouble, i mean- hehe) i guess i'd also like to be able to leave this earth with the peace of mind that my dog will also be taken cared of. he won't be needing $2million though. haha.

read the rest of the New Yorker article here.

good-bye, north pole

oh no...

well here's another scary study that just came out.

in 5 years, the arctic will be ice-free during the summer.

that means no home for polar bears in 5 years!  

(they're already starting to cannibalize out of desparation -- *sniff!*)

i wonder what sarah palin has to say?

read more about it here.

september 23: earth overshoot day

got this in the mail today... kind of a serious post... i wonder how true or accurate it is... but i think we should let people know about it anyway....

Today is Earth Overshoot Day: the day our demand surpasses nature’s budget

On September 23rd this year we mark an unfortunate milestone: As of today, humanity will have consumed all the new resources the planet will produce this year, according to Global Footprint Network calculations. For the rest of 2008, we will be in the ecological equivalent of deficit spending, drawing down our resource stocks – in essence, borrowing from the future.

The recent bank failures in the United States have shown what happens when debt and spending get out of control. We are seeing signs of similarly disastrous consequences from our ecological overspending. Climate change, shrinking forests, declining biodiversity and current world food shortages are all results of the fact that we are demanding more from nature than it can supply.

Humans now require the resources of 1.4 planets

Just like any company nature has a budget – it can only produce so many resources and absorb so much waste each year. Globally, we now demand the biological capacity of 1.4 planets, according to Global Footprint Network data. But of course, we only have one.

Earth Overshoot Day (also known as Ecological Debt Day) was a concept devised by Global Footprint Network partner NEF (New Economics Foundation). Each year, Global Footprint Network calculates humanity’s Ecological Footprint (its demand on cropland, pasture, forests and fisheries), and compares this with the amount of resources the world’s lands and seas generate. Our data shows us that in less than 10 months we consume what it takes the planet 12 months to produce.

Earth Overshoot Day creeps earlier every year

Humanity has been in overshoot since the mid 1980s, when the first Earth Overshoot Day fell on December 31, 1986. By 1995 it was more than a month earlier, arriving on November 21. Ten years later it had moved another six weeks earlier, to October 2, 2005.

What contributes to our increasing demand? Part of the story is that there are simply more people on the planet requiring nature’s services. In some areas of the world – most notably in high income regions like the U.S. and Europe, as well as industrializing nations like China – per capita resource consumption has also been increasing. In other areas of the world, however, including India and parts of Africa, per capita Ecological Footprints have actually declined, likely as a result of there being less resources available per person.

Carbon is also a big part of the story, as it is the greatest contributor to ecological overshoot. Humanity is emitting carbon faster than the planet can re-absorb it. Our carbon Footprint has increased more than 700 percent since 1961.

United Nations business-as-usual projections show humanity requiring the equivalent of two planets by 2050. (For details see Global Footprint Network and WWF’s Living Planet Report 2006). This would put Earth Overshoot Day on July 1, and means it would take two years for the planet to regenerate what we use in one year. Reaching this level of ecological deficit spending may be physically impossible. What Can I Do to End Overshoot?

Global Footprint Network and its international partner network is focused on solving the problem of overshoot, working with businesses and government leaders around the world to make ecological limits a central part of decision-making everywhere.

Citizens can take action to get out of overshoot in their own lives: eating less meat, driving and flying less, and using less energy in the home. They can also encourage government and business leaders to build communities with smart infrastructure planning and best-practice green technology. Use our interactive calculator to determine your own Ecological Footprint and learn what you can do to reduce it.

With international commitment to end overshoot, Earth Overshoot Day can become history instead of news.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


david blaine's latest "magic trick" (or "stunt"?) began today in new york's central park - where he'll be hanging upside down for 60 hours straight. and it will end with a "plunge to the earth" DAW.

i used to love watching david blaine's street magic and thought he was quite good. a lot of it was ruined by all those "magic's secrets revealed" type of shows but still i thought they were quite good tricks. i'm not sure how i feel about these "endurance" stunts though. anderson cooper said this morning that he doesn't like david blaine and his publicity stunts... where is the magic? i kinda sort of agree. some doctor's say though that hanging upside down for 60 hours, poses a risk of going blind, and damaging some other organs, and that the data gathered here may be valuable. IF its not really a trick.... hmmmm.....

being interviewed by kelly rippa....

Monday, September 22, 2008

wealthy willy

a few weeks back, willy revillame paid P6.2M+ in taxes (*GASP*).

if he's being ligit, this means he should earn around P20M each quarter (*GASP*).

but THEY say, that he earns much more, around P50M a month (*GASP*).

i don't even like wowowee.  i shall tell you why soon...

speed stacking

here's twinpop-neph speed stacking...

it's kind of like this cup stacking and collapsing game that kids are into now...

(kinda like our jackstones and chinese garter...)

well it's good to know that they're doing something that doesn't require a battery.

it's such a craze that there are actually international speed stacking competitions.

the current world record is at 6 seconds... and it's held by a kid who's (drum roll, please...) pinoy.  

his name is Steven Purungganan.  woohoo!

chickout the vid...

Friday, September 19, 2008

mi casa, tu casa

as you know, i kinda go overboard when i have someone stay over at home...

in a few hours, twinpopbro (1 of 6) is arriving from seattle.

i've transformed my makeshift messybessy warehouse into a guest room.

opened up the sofa bed, spiced up the room, and voila...

a multi-media artwork as a makeshift headboard + handpicked books + a photo of twinpopbro back in seattle (so he feels at home).  (exag)...

an extra blanket + bedroom slippers...

mini bar... (good mix of healthy snacks (just as he likes 'em) and pinoy delicacies)...

a makeshift dresser... (tried to go neutral with colors just as he likes it). (exag)...

on the dresser, a notepad + pencil + a scented travel candle (used already so that he won't hesitate to light it up).  (exag)...

ample closet space. (oops that's our piano chair hihihihi)...

a table by the door for his knick knacks + a few books and (mostly local) magazines...

toiletries (stolen from hotels hehe), and towels spread out as mats for his personal items...

more toiletries by the shower...